Good Decision Making

By Mei Small

First Step To Making A Decision

No one is born with awesome decision-making skills. It is skill that needs to be learned and strengthened. This means the more often you make decisions the better you'll get at it. The first thing you need to ask yourself is, What is the problem you are facing?
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Now You're Starting To Use Your Head

The second step to making a decision is gathering information and ask for advice. Write down what you need to learn. What do others who have been through this would say? Gather information from valid sources. What are the facts? What is holding you back? These steps give you objective and subjective information.

Good Vs. Bad

This is a much easier after you go through the above steps. Rate your options if you have to. Think about all the pros and cons to determine each possible choice listed. Rank order based on your research. Take a few days to think about it if you need to and then come back to your dilemma.

Carry Your Plan Out.

When you have made your choice, create a plan of specific steps you will take. Carry out your plan.

Measure The Results

Make a list of the necessary steps you need to put your decision into play. Then prepare to proceed step-by-step. This may take some time to see the final outcome. You can tweak the decision along the way or you might just go ahead and go back to step two and choose another option.