Bristol Palin

Important dates

Birthday- October 18, 1990 Her son,Tripps, birthday- December 27, 2008 Met Levi(Tripps dad who is no longer with Bristol)-7th grade Date she found out she was pregnant- May 1, 2008 Date her pregnancy was publicly announced- September 1, 2008

Why Bristol is special

What makes Bristol special and important is how she had so many bad things going on but she never let the hate get to her. She became famous because her mom was running for vice president.

What effect did she have on people?

Bristol Palin taught very many people to listen to God and look to God when you have problems that you cant fix by yourself. She also showed you can get through almost anything with support from your family. Bristol also taught many people the consiquences of things you shouldnt do (teen mom).


1. Brave- She told her mom and family she was pregnant even though they would be dissapointed. 2. Honest- She always told her parents the truth about everything. 3. Active- She played many sports growing up. 4. Smart- She always got good grades in school.

Events that changed Bristol's life

When Bristol Palin turned 17 her mom was running for vice president. Her family gots lots of hate from people who didnt like her mom, Sarah Palin. Just a few weeks later Bristol found out she was pregnant. Bristol was only 17, still in school. But with the support of her family she got through it and graduated! Now she has a great life with her four year old son, Tripp.
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Palin, Bristol, and Nancy French. Not Afraid of Life: My Journey so Far. New York: William Morrow, 2011. Print.
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