Gymnastics Tricks

Tips for kids who are born gymnasts!

Trick Number 1. Forward Rolls

How to do a forward roll: This simple trick is for younger gymnasts, or for people who prefer easier tricks. First get down into a squat. Then tuck or point your chin towards your neck. You always should tuck your chin in, because you could get hurt if you don't. Then put your hands on to the surface that you are doing this on. Then put your head to the ground and push with your feet to go over. And thats a forward roll!

Trick Number 2. Handstands

How to do a handstand: First always warm up before you do this. Mostly you want to stretch your wrists, so when you are actually doing your handstand you don't get hurt. When you are done stretching you are ready to start. Always make sure you have a soft surface when you are doing this. Put your hands close to the wall and kick up. It's okay if you don't make it the first time. You could always try again! When you are confidant with doing it against a wall you could try it without a wall. Remember to go slow and easy, because this is supposed to be FUN!