Where Middle Earth Is Located



China has a larger population than any other palce in the world. People are smarter and fitter than most people in other countries. The cultures are very old and set, and the people live longer. The history goes back a long time ago and the language has been simplified showing that it was much harder and that makes it possible that maybe it is the place where middle earth originated. They are very disiplined people which shows that maybe it is Middle Earth

Counter Claim

People may say that china is not because it is modernizing, and a country with the possibilty of being or to have been middle earth should not be modernizing quickly. This may be true, but i think that China is still modern eart. China is modernizing quickly becasue of its large population, and it means it still could possibly have been middle earth. Also, people may say that china is too big to be middle earth, but middle earth would have been very large becasue the land and its creatures would need space to live. China is HUGE, and this means that China could have been middle earth and it also could have sustained all the people and land from then.


China's culture, history, and its people make it a possible location for Middle Earth. China has large population with people that are evolving the country into a place that will be ahead of everyone. This shows that China has been here longer and it is ahead of everyone because of this. Middle Earth could possibly have been in china because of its landscape also. The structure of China's land looks something like what would have been on middle earth. The hills look like the one Bilbo lived in.
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