Command Economy.

Who needs free choice?

Our new economy!

I am promoting a great new economy where you have no choices on what you get to do. That is the government's job. Knowing us, the government will turn into a dictatorship and then we will start to steal money from you guys. So you should just buy things while you can to get prepared!

What is happening?

The "government" that we are promoting basically just makes all of the rules and controls: what to produce, how to produce it, and who to produce it for. We are just basically just trying to be like China, Cuba, and North Korea so we can be "cool"!

Who we are trying to make in charge!

Frequently Asked Questions!

1) What is life?

2) Where are my keys?

3) Sup?

4) Have you fed the dog/cat/fish/bird?

5) Can I get a ride?

6) Where do babies come from?

7) What?


Command Economy

Yes we know...

Yes we know that this economy occasionally leads to communism, however, what is so wrong with that? You get to have all of the things you need to survive! You don't NEED good clothes. You don't NEED a nice house. Technically, you only need just enough roof that you can stay out of the weather!

Yes we know that command economy can occasionally lead to a dictatorship. We are researching ways to make a serum that will make the dictat- the leader...more suggestive to reason so we can easily tell him not to become a dictator. See? We care!

So Basically...

So basically, you should totally live here and be awesome and then we will all be equal with our suggestion serum and our all brown clothes. WE WILL RULE THE--- THE STOCK MARKET MAYBE, I THINK!!!! SO yeah move here and live with us and be under our command economy. :)