How To Stay Safe On the Internet

Think About it...

"I LOVE You."

"Let's meet up!"

"I am looking for a girlfriend. I think YOU are PRETTY, and BEAUTIFUL. Can I have some PICTURES?"

"Where do you live?"

"Can I have your phone number?"

There are a lot of different types of people in the outside world; people you would not invite in your home.

Would you invite violent gangs, porn stars, strangers into your house? But by talking, and visiting these sites on the internet, you are inviting them into your house.

You might think you know everyone on your social media site, but there are types of people that hide behind their computer screen, and pretend to be someone they are not, to try and form a relationship with you.


Look at the list of people you know on the internet. How many of them do you actually know? How many have them have you, your friends, parents have actually met, and know that they are safe. Make sure that you know the person before you accept their friend request.


Your school name

Where You Live

Phone Number

Email Address



Or intimate details about yourself.


When creating a profile, always make sure that your profile settings are correct, put your profile settings on private , this way you can make sure that strangers cannot see your photos, and personal information.

"Going to town tomorrow!" You might think that this is a perfectly normal thing to post on line. But with the wrong type of people seeing this statement , they can use it to STALK you.


Think About It...

How would you feel if had the same people attacking you everyday, every time you would go on Facebook, Twitter, Snap-Chat, calling you things like, ugly, skank, whore, fat, slut? Can you imagine what it would be like to be scared of walking down the street, going to school, scared, and lonely in the world, with nobody to talk to, all alone?

Cyber bullying is the use of the technology to harm, or harass people in a repeated, hostile manner. Cyber bullying is posting rumours, or gossip about a person on the internet, or bringing hatred of them in other peoples mind, or it could go as far as publicly identifying the victim, and publishing things that humiliate them. Cyber bullying can have strong effects on someone, it can affect their confidence, and self esteem, and there have been extreme cases of teen suicides.

If you use social media, it just doesn't mean that you can be a victim of cyber bullying, you can also be the bully. You should always be aware, and think about the things you post on-line, and how they might make the other person feel.

If you are being cyber bullied you MUST tell someone. Someone you trust like a friend, or a trusted adult like parents, carers, or teacher. It is not something that people should go through on their own, and it MUST BE STOPPED.


You might think that it is perfectly innocent to send saucy pictures to your boyfriend/ girlfriend. You might think that the pictures are perfectly safe, only you and you partner have them. But what happens when you have broken up?!

That is what revenge porn is. When you partner posts saucy images of you, that you might have thought were safe, or might have forgotten about, on the internet for EVERYONE TO SEE. Would you like to get naked in front of everyone in real life? Naked in front of friends, parents, random strangers, teachers?

By Nabila Haque