DBQ Online

For teachers in CCS comprehensive (9-12) high schools

Introduction to DBQ Online

DBQ Online brings the powerful pedagogy of Document-Based Questions to an interactive and engaging digital platform. From hook activity to essay, all steps in the DBQ process are contained in the digital platform. DBQ Online allows teachers to personalize, differentiate, and accelerate student learning.

Our purchase of DBQ Online includes the Mini-Qs in World History (Volume 3), Mini-Qs in American History (Volume 2) and Mini-Qs in Civics. All teachers and students in comprehensive (9-12) high schools in CCS have access to DBQ Online. See log-in directions below.




Logging in to DBQ Online through CCS Clever

Teachers and students access DBQ Online through the CCS Clever Portal. See the printable directions below.


DBQ Online Video Tutorials

The videos linked below are from the DBQ Online Helpdesk.


DBQ Online Implementation Support Request

Complete the form below to request implementation support from the CCS Social Studies Office.