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May 10th, 2021

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Open this workbook and enter your information following the directions on the first sheet! Careful, everyone can edit!

Once you enter it all in, you can go to the second sheet to select the 2 Bitmojis you want as friends!

Finally, on sheet 3, you will click the link to reveal all of their fun times together! (Not for students - some are "romantic" in nature so pick what works!)

Now, you can make cool things like this!

All Tech Options In ONE Spot

District Tech Support Site

All of our tech resources with innovator-created guides can be found here!

A SMART MOVE - Prepare for Next Year! Close out 2020-21 using Schoology Resources!

Have you used Schoology Resources before? You should save a folder full of your Coursework in your Schoology Resources. The more organized you are and the better you file things away that went well this year, the easier next year will go! Here is how!

Here is another resource from Schoology that will help you Begin with the End in Mind.

Want a session on saving your Schoology coursework for next year? Email me:

Use the Tech Help Email!

Please fill out ALL of your tech requests and needs into an email:

Direct students and parents to use this as well.

Doing this really helps us support you and stay organized! Thank you.

Sherif is here Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the AV room! Contact him directly at extension 2115.

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Kate Rice

Temporarily in Room 113 this year!

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