Come to the Feldenkrais Festival

Learn new ways of moving

September 12

This is a day for you to learn about the Feldenkrais® Method of Movement, and if you are already a fan of it, to bring your friends to find out the whys, the hows and even the history of the man who created it.

Feldenkrais Festival

Saturday, Sep. 12th, 10am-4pm

49 Church Street

Burlington, VT

Five Feldenkrais practitioners in Northern Vermont will be here to introduce you and your friends to the simple lessons that are the Feldenkrais Method.

Never has exercise included more instructions like "Slowly" "Gently" "Do less" and "Rest" and had you walk away feeling so good, empowered, ALIVE!

The plan for the day

10:00 AM -12:00 PM Awareness Through Movement® (floor lessons) will be taught by an instructor, starting on each hour. Feel free to bring your a blanket or mat, although some will be there to borrow. A lesson that you do in a chair will be taught at 12:00.


2:00-4:00 PM More Awareness Through Movement (floor lessons)

All Day : Short Functional Integration® lessons, (which are done on a table while the fully clothed student relaxes and lets the teacher make the movements) are available.

Sign up is first come first served at 10:00AM for morning and 1:00 for afternoon sessions.

Feldenkrais Practitioners of Northern Vermont

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What is Feldenkrais?

Feldenkrais is easy to do, and hard to explain. Everyone has a different response to it. You might get up of the floor amazed at how much more "grounded" you feel. Or you may feel taller. The point isn't to change you, it's to let you learn new ways of doing so you have a choice of how you do things.

Who should do Feldenkrais?

The people who want to try something new. The people who love learning. Most lessons are done on the floor, so getting down and up can help. But most lessons can also adapt for sitting, or standing.

How does Feldenkrais help me?

No-one will know the answer to this until you try.

Some people have used the knowledge they get in a Feldenkrais lesson to reduce pain in a joint.

Others just love the relaxed feeling they have after a lesson.

Some people change their gait, or the way they sit.

Can I see someone doing this?

Sure take a look at this site and you can do a short lesson.

If I come what should I bring?

Come in comfortable clothes, ad if you wish, your mat or a blanket, although some will be available.

Where do I call to learn more?

Gillian Franks can be called at 802-655-0950.

Or email at