Ryan Adler


What animal is known for its flat and long head and big eyes. The hammerhead shark is a very interesting creature. Some fascinating features about my organism are there body structure and appearance, the diet, and life cycle or reproduction.


As stated throughout, this shark has a great body structure and appearance, cool diet, and an interesting life cycle.This shark can swim 25 miles per hour. Truly the hammerhead shark is the greatest sea creature ever.
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In science class we made a under the sea diorama. I put 1 hammerhead shark, 2 corals, 1 sea snake, 1 triggerfish, 1 seaweed, 1 star fish, and 2 normal fish. The project was on the hammerhead shark.
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Go fish

In class we did a project on making a fish tank. I bought a 20 gallon fish tank. The fish i bought were 2 black ghost knifefish. We also bought salt and multi-colored gravel. In addition i bought alot of decorations.