World of Islam

You think Islam is just terrorism? Think again, sister.

Back in the day, Islam created tons of invention that are taken for granted in modern days.

You know those things like toothbrushes, coffee, hospital, agriculture, Chemistry and beautiful engravings? They made those things. I mean, without them, we wouldn't really be much of a society now a days, would we?


This religion has lasted for such a long time, and most religions originated from Islamic religion. This all started back in 622 CE and it currently has about 1.5 Billion followers. It's not far off from Christianity, which has 2.1 billion followers.

Spreading the Religion

Instead of a celestial being coming doing and going "Hey, I'm a being from heaven that you should all listen to." instead, an angel came down to a mere man, Muhammad the Prophet, and told him to spread the word of Allah, or god. Most religion was spread by a mortal man that was blessed in some way at birth, or the religion would be spread by, again, a celestial being descending from heaven. But, the Islamic religion was spread by Muhammad who was just a man.

This religion may be old, but the ideas sure aren't.

The ideas of Islamic religion is still prevalent in this modern age. As stated before, most religion stemmed from Islamic religion, and is still carrying on its ideals, not entirely, but in small bits and pieces.

Terrorists? More like Extremists.

Those people who caused 9/11? They were extremists, they were people who were obsessed with Allah in a bad way. The others who follow this religion don't go to such drastic measures. Some even live in our society and they observe their religion peacefully, even attempting to spread it around to others to get them to see the differences from the extremists and the normal worshipers.

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This is the Islamic People

And I do more stuff rather than Islam, I'll do more fliers on more broad topics in the far future.