By: Jennifer Shoe

William Shakespeare

Known as the greatest artist of his time. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon. His birthdate is unclear but historians say it was close to April 23rd, 1564. He married a women named Ann Hathaway and had twins. Twins were baptized and one child died. In his William's career, he wrote over 37 plays. He build an amphitheater in 1599 that was called the globe theater but later renamed after the king. He was a very successful man, he knew how to write history, comedies, tragedies, and tragic comedies. He wrote 154 sonnets and several narrative novels. His death is unknown but historians believe he died on his birthday.

Why Shakespeare is Famous

He was known by his words. His plays all made up of 884,429 words. His shortest play was 605 words and his longest play 1,361 words. He created 1,380 characters and 121 of people who had speaking parts. He was very active in his career!


In his stories he has many insults. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

- You have as little honesty as honor - Jing Henry VIII

- You are better part burnt out. - Henry, IV, Part II

- Not worth a gooseberry - Henry IV, Part II

Things we have learned from Shakespeare

They're sayings that I herd that I have no idea where they came from. Here are common sayings we say all the time but did not realize it is from Shakespeare.

- "Fight fire with fire"

- "Green Eyed Monster"

- "Love is blind"

- "Wear your heart on your sleeve"

- "Vanish into thin air"

- "Wild goose chase"

- "Knock knock! Who's there?"

- "Heart of Gold"


This book was written in the first part of the first century. It was performed in July 1602. It was published and printed form in 1603. The book takes place in Denmark in late medieval period.


He is a Prince of Norway, and son of King Forinbras. King Forinbras was killed by Hamlet's father. Forinbras is wanting revenge for his father's murder. He wishes to attack Denmark to avenge his father's death to honor him.
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Iambic Pentameter

William Shakespeare uses this type of poetic writing to make the story more interesting. This was his favorite way of writing. Its curved for unstressed words and steps to stressed words. It gives emphases on the words. He used this type of poetry for the rhyme and his actors were able to memorize it easier. The rhythm also feels like a heart beat which is like his poems because they involve love stories.
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My Character


- Free spirited

- Live by the rules and boundaries, but I find freedom with quick wit and harp intelligence

- Value loyalty

- Defender of the weak


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