How the Jews Were Changed Through the Consentration Camps.


When we interviewed a Jewish prisoner of Auschwitz, and asked him how life as a prisoner changed him, he replied, "I think it changed me in the way I think about life, and it made me think (at the time) that life did not mean very much because so many people died so quickly." "I think it changed my family is because we were all split up and treated so poorly we did not have to much care for each other since we had to worry for ourselves." Then we asked him how the whole experience changed his interaction with other people since being out of the camp and he said, "When the incident was over we did not interact as well with other people because we did not know how to since we were not used interaction inside the camp."

Night Themes

The book Night gives people a very good look of how terribly the Jews were treated and we are going to name some of the themes of the book. Discrimination would be the first because the entire problem started when Hitler Discriminated against the Jews and other cultures causing the holocaust. Survival is the second because while in the camps they are learning to survive and play the game of the system involving survival. Death is the third and last theme because millions of people died during the holocaust. The Jews lost many family members on a daily basis.