all about me heidi aranda

all about me

ten things about me

1. I like to paint

2. I love to listen to music

3. My dream job is to become a video game designer

4. My favorite color is purple

5. My favorite month is October

6. I am a morning person

7. I am in choir

8. I love technology

9. I am a middle child

10. I love rainy days

my most embarrassing moment

One day my family and I were outside and we found a basket outside in front of our door. I thought it was a good idea if I went in the basket and my sister pushed me. I told her to slow down but she kept going faster ad faster. My sister let go of the basket and when she did the basket swerved and it flip with me inside. Everyone was laughing because the basket landed on me.

strange question I have been asked

are you emo ? Why do you wear black? Why do you listen to that satanic band?