Cure to the Blind

Armando Moreno

Food For Thought

One thing i will never change my mind about is my passion for cooking and my belief towards the importance of cooking.

A Mouthful

I first started cooking when was in the third grade. I had started by making simple snacks including, nachos, chilli cheese fries, frito pies, hot dogs, quesadillas, bean dip, and guacamole. I started my first fire in the first grade hat fire was originally made to cook a nasty looking caterpillar and ended up burning a antpile and was washed out by yours truly. So technically i started cooking at the age of 6.

Influential people:

Love Yours

This is the moto i live by. Even if you lose it all you have to realize you're still lucky to be you, still lucky to open your eyes, still lucky enough to have a chance make what you have better for anyone after you. Love yours.