By: Ryan Argust

Local and general anesthetics

There are two different way you can use anesthesia. You can either apply it to one area of the body like teeth and gums or you can apply it to your whole body. This two are called local and general anesthetics. Local anesthetics can be injected into the body to numb that area. Where general anesthetics is used doing medical and surgical procedures that are to painful to stay awake.

Nitrous Oxide

In the early 1800's a English scientist discovered Nitrous Oxide, but it wasn't until a British chemist noticed that if you inhale the gas it would make you laugh. Nitrous Oxide is still used today and it is now refereed to as laughing gas.

Lab Info.

For the lab we did over anesthesia we had to crack the case of why Aunt Elda died. We had to find out if the doctors used to much anesthesia. The normally amount used is 40%. The pictures about shows the info we gathered and the tool we used to gather the info. How we now we are right is because we can see how much light the liquid absorbs.