Lizard Classroom

Survive & Thrive

Congratulations on becoming a member of the best social studies classroom in the city!

This fall, the Lizard Classroom features three classes:
  • American Government
  • United States History
  • World History
  • CREW for the class of 2014!

Your Instructor...Liz

Liz likes cake, dogs, baseball, cool early mornings, chai, Chacos, hammock time, traveling, reading, chocolate, laughing, drawing (however, Liz is NOT skilled), silly jokes, ice cream, lacrosse, sunshine, adventures, students who turn their work in, sweatshirts, Ikea, peanut butter on apples, purple, bacon, playing the uke, sledding, sleeping in on rainy days, silly Japanese snacks, learning new things, not doing things that involve heights, general ridiculousness, when people use their-there-they're correctly, TED talks, painting, making people laugh, post-it notes, colored pants, toast, the number ELEVEN, Colorado State, being sarcastic, braids, funky handwriting, SUP, peanut butter cups, orange, humpback whales, snowy mornings, the Colorado flag, the word 'ahoy', chocolate chip cookies, avocados, and spending time with family and friends.

There's more, but that's all we have time for here...

Class meets Monday-Friday in room 114.

You'll need a writing utensil everyday (really...not joking here). Drinks and snacks? Totally okay as long as you're not spilling or making things sticky...and sometimes there is a Lizard-tax (so, best to bring things lizards don't peas). Be brave, honest, respectful and do your best. Ask questions when you have them, help your peers, and leave the drama at the door.

Some upcoming highlights of this quarter:

Things you just have to know:

Missing Class

Students are expected to keep track of their own work and make up what they missed. Assignments and work are due in a timely fashion - students are given one day extra for each day of class they miss. All class information can be found on our classroom website, The Lizard Classroom ( Miss class? Click in the "What Did I Miss?" calendar link in any section. Most assignments are available online through the website.


This year, the Lizard Classroom will be using REMIND 101 to help students and parents remember what is going on in class. Signing up for this service is optional, but helpful (especially for forgetful teenagers!!). To sign up text the code listed below for your class to the number (720) 633-9125.

American Government: @lizardgov
US History: @lizardus
World History: @lizardwh

CREW: @lizardcrew

Late Work and Revision

At the beginning of class, each student will receive both LATE WORK and REVISION passes for use during the semester. These may be used to turn an assignment in late (up to two days) or revise an assignment (before the "revise by" date). Number of passes based on grade level...

  • Freshmen [2 late work & 5 revision]
  • Sophomore [2 late work & 4 revision]
  • Junior [2 late work & 3 revision]
  • Senior [2 late work & 3 revision]
Passes are the responsibility of the pass holder. Passes may not be sold or given away. Lost passes will not be replaced. Passes must be attached to late or revised work in order for work to be accepted.

EMAIL is the way to go, bro

The best way to contact Liz is via email. The classroom phone causes Liz a lot of problems and email will get a response in 24 hours during the week and usually (but sometimes not) on the weekend. If you don't get a response, it is likely that your email is stuck in the PSD spam filter...please try again! :)


Please fill out THIS FORM for your first assignment. NOTE: You only need to fill out the form once, even if you have multiple classes in the Lizard Classroom.