How cigarettes affect your life

BY:John.z and Anton.d

Health problems

Smokeing affects your health, you get lung cancer, mouth cancer, sickness of the gums, the cancer can spread to your brain your bones and your face. It can also spread to your pancreas. You will get emphasema, your blood vessels in your lung smay harden and pop and you will cough blood and phlem. You can get heart problems, have a stroke and may get athsma. Your lung capacity will decrease and you will not be able to walk more than 15 feet or talk more than a few sentces before you are exhausted like you just played worlds hardest soccer match. Smoking will shorten your life by at least 13 years.The cigarette boxes are required by law to have pictures of grusome dieases on them packages to warn. Many people choose to ingore the warnings on the packages. The decision is yours. Will you make the correct decision? Cigarettes have 7,000 different chemicals and 800 of those are piosonous. SMOKING KILLS!

Are E-cigarettes Better

Will e-cigartettes help smokers quit?

Their has been lots of talk about the increase in usage of e-cigaretttes. Their has been a huge ongoing conversation about e-cigarettes (e-cigs) if they are better. We cannot tell because e-cigs have simply not been around long enough. It took 50 years for people to find that conventional cigarettes were bad. Their are dups adn downs of e-cigarettes for instance that they may help smokers quit by giving the nicotine high that they want and are addicted to. Then the smokers will quit because of the e-cigarettes. The down side is that kids can get them online without needing to show an ID and the nicotine in the e-cigarettes can get them hooked and then later they will move on to conventional cigarettes. The e-cigarettes are also making flavored e-cigs which will make kids even more likely to try them. I think of the bad taste of the e-cigs are a warning that you should not be smoking. One of the most popular e-cigarettes company's is Blu. They say that it will help people quit. Some people disagree. My personal opinion is that you should just stay away from smoking in teh first place adn if you do quit there is stuff like Nicotine gum, and Nictotine patches to deliver the Nicotine. I think that e-cigarettes are not nessecary and there is other things that can help people quit. But the most simple solution is not to start smoking.

How cigarettes affect your life

Cigarettes affect your life in many different ways: Of course it affect your health like lung cancer,mouth cancer things like that, Your breath will stink, your will have some bad tooth and some skin problems.

Do you know?

-Every cigarette you smoke you life is shrink by 14 min.

-Smoking also kill our environment too, smoking kill our water and trees.

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