Tyler Page-Pejoski


Cuba is equivalent to the size of Florida. There is about 11.27 million people that live in Cuba. One of the biggest and most important cities is Havana, with 2.1 million people.(This is the only city with a million in the population. Besides Spanish, Cuba has a couple other languages; Hamaca which is Native Indian. The other language is Lumucí which for people who practice the Santeria Religion; This also a secret language of the Niger-Congo family. These are the ethnic groups of Cuba. 51% mulatto, 37% white, 11% black, 1% Chinese. Cuba is a Communist government, run by Raul Castro. On the island of Cuba there are mountains mostly in the south and southeast of the country; Everything else is basically flat. Cuba was founded in 1492 when Columbus sailed there by accident. He used Havana as a main port, that is why Havana is the biggest city in Cuba.


7 attractions. 1. Old Havana- Here is where you can see the founding municipalities of Cuba. 2. Castillo de la Real Fuerza is one of the star forts of Cuba. 3. La Cabaña this is one of the fortresses of Cuba. 4. Museum of Revolution- This is the Presidential Palace that housed all of the Cuban presidents. 5. Jose Martí Memorial- This is the memorial of Jose Martí, a national hero of Cuba. The scenery found in Cuba is sort of old and historic; It shows you the history of Cuba. 6. 7. There are some historical sites including some of the attractions, the Castillo de la Real Fuerza and Jose Martí Memorial. There are also historical museums including the Museum of Revolution. Cuban cuisine revolves around roast or fried pork and chicken accompanied by rice, beans and viandas, the Cuban word for root vegetables. A couple of good places to eat in Cuba are La Bodeguita del Medio and Cocina de Lilliam

Traveling to Cuba

In order to travel to Cuba, you need to obtain a few things. You need a passport and and jurisdiction in order to travel there. *Note: There needs to be a good reason to travel to Cuba, it is sort of hard to get there. The best season to travel to season to travel to Cuba is in the summer time because there are good deals and the weather isn't too bad. The best Hotel to stay at would probably be the National Hotel of Cuba. Try staying in big places that aren't too far away from population. The best way to travel as a tourist is the Viazul service because it is a nice bus service that runs through major cities. The things used in this country is similar to the U.S, nothing really abnormal.

Interesting facts/ things

Cuba is the largest island in the West Indies. The Cuban cigar is one of the best cigars. The 2 interesting places are the Jose Martí memorial and La Cabaña. The weirdest thing about the country is that it is hard to get in the country; You need a very good reason to get in.