Kindergarten Connection!

August 12, 2022

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Hello Kindergarten Families and welcome to the 2022-23 school year! We are so excited to welcome new and returning families to our building and classrooms! We are busy putting our final touches on our classrooms, the only thing missing is your eager new eaglets! We cannot wait to meet you all in person next week!

Information Overload!

Grab a cup of iced tea!! We know it can be overwhelming at the start of school and even harder for our newest kindergarten families!! The best thing that you can do is CAREFULLY READ the school messenger and kindergarten newsletters. Check that email. Most communication comes to your designated email on Friday afternoons. It can sometimes land in your JUNK mail so make sure to check there if you haven't heard from us or call the front office for assistance.

Kindergarten Meet and Greet

Come to Elk Creek on Monday, August 15th to meet your child's kindergarten teacher!!

  • Meet and Greet your child's teacher!
  • Bring those school supplies to help with classroom preparations
  • Go on a Scavenger Hunt with your child to familiarize them with the classroom and school

Times are assigned to help with crowds during your kindergarten visit! Please refer to your teacher's welcome letter to determine which window of time you should visit.

*Please be advised that we do have very small parts throughout our classrooms that could pose a choking hazard for very young children! Please keep a watchful eye on younger siblings during your visit!

Red Carpet Ceremony

We would love to invite all kindergarten families to Elk Creek's Red Carpet Ceremony. It's a long standing tradition! On August 16th, we invite all students to begin their school year by walking the Red Carpet on the first day of the new school year!

We will begin gathering kindergarten students at 8:50 in the school's gym just to the right of the carpool lane on the east side of the school. Please check in with your child's teacher so that attendance can be taken. Adults can then proceed to the front of the school with cameras ready! Students will stay with their teacher in the gym and wait for our turn on the carpet!

The teachers will be walking with their students down the sidewalk and onto the red carpet where they will enter the school as the school bell rings. SMILE and rest assured that we will have an exciting first day of school with your child!

**It will be helpful to park on the soccer field and use the steps that lead you to the sidewalk. Proceed to the outside doors of the school's gym. We will meet you and your child there.

**If this event is unusually stressful for your child. We ask that you stay with your child and watch the "Red Carpet" together. Following the ceremony you can meet our assistants on the preschool playground and we will invite your child into the classroom at the conclusion of the ceremony so that they can begin their day with us. Please keep reading for hints about departures:)

First Day of School

The first official day of school for all kindergarten students is August 16th!

First departures can be tearful and chances are that it will be harder for the parent than the child. This should not be seen as a major concern and it's quite normal for some children. Separation from a parent is a developmental milestone. The more emotionally mature the child, the easier it seems for the separation.

Kindergarten teachers and their support staff are trained to help children adjust to their first few days of school. We suggest a brief but very loving goodbye. Then, please depart immediately. Uncertainty and constant returns by parents for more hugs and kisses only prolong the child's anxiety (and yours).

Remember that quick departures from the very beginning will make this transition easier on your child.

Should we find that the departure was unusually stressful for your child and your child is having difficulty adjusting to school we would be glad to notify you.

Future Goodbyes...on your child's next return to Elk Creek, the kindergarten students will arrive and find school staff members holding sunflowers (Kindergarten Hint Slide Show). These trusted adults will direct the students into the building where they will be greeted by their kindergarten teachers at the classroom doors and welcomed into the classroom. The children will be encouraged to independently enter the classroom and take care of their own belongings. We will show the children where all their items belong and will begin our morning routines. This is just the beginning of their independence and they will be proud to know they can do it themselves:)

Modified Contact Days

Mark your calendars now for Modified Contact Days on August 26th and August 29th . These half day sessions are used at Elk Creek to complete State and School assessments. Kindergarteners will be given the DIBELS test on these dates along with a few additional tests that were not used to determine class placements.

Please watch for a SignUp Genius link that will be sent to your email account giving you the opportunity to choose the date and time of your child's Modified Contact Day. Your child will only attend ONE half day session on ONE of these dates in August.

Morning Arrival Procedures

Hug & Go Students: (Arriving by car)
  • Follow the line of cars
  • For everyone's safety...please no cell phone use during drop off and pick up
  • Pull forward as directed by staff
  • Student unloads on curb side and will be directed by staff
  • Kinder-Students gather by staff holding sunflowers
  • Staff will help Kindergarten students navigate to their classroom

Bus Students:

  • Students will arrive to the front of the building
  • Students unload the bus
  • Kinder-Students gather by staff holding sunflowers
  • Staff will help Kindergarten students navigate to their classrooms

Departure and Pick Up Procedures

Hug and Go Students: (Departing by car)
  • Students are taken to the music room to prepare for car loading and departure
  • Student names are called as you enter the carpool lane
  • For everyone's safety...please no cell phone use during pick up
  • Please continue to pull forward until you are curbside by staff loading students
  • Staff will open the car door curbside for loading. Do not exit your car.
  • If you need additional time for buckling into car seats, please pull forward to a parking spot to secure your child into their car seat. This keeps the line moving!

Bus Students:

  • Students are taken to the cafeteria to prepare for bus boarding and departure
  • Make sure your child knows their afternoon bus number!
  • Staff escorts students to bus
  • If the bus is running late, a Messenger will be sent to your email

If there is a change to your child's afternoon transportation schedule, please call the front office! Do not rely on your child to relay this information to their teacher!!

Transportation Forms! (Click Here)

Don't forget to have the transportation form filled out and returned to your child's classroom teacher. Help us get your child to the right location at the end of their day!! DUE: August 16th!!

Kindergarten Helpful Hints!! (Click Here)

Make sure to view this quick slide deck with a few additional Kindergarten bits you may find very helpful these first few weeks and beyond!! We will have more information for you at Curriculum Night on August 25th!