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Gods and Generals

The film Is based on the life of General Thomas,"Stonewall",Jackson the God-fearing Confederate general, from the outbreak of the American Civil War until its halfway point when Jackson, while on a night ride with his staff, is accidentally shot by his own soldiers in May 1863 while commanding at the Battle of Chancellorsville . I


In the summer of 1863, General Lee makes his thrust into southern Pennsylvania and fights with the Northern Army near the village of Gettysburg. Col. Joshua Chamberlain (Daniels) and Pickett's Charge (with Lang in the role of Maj. Gen. George Pickett). Other notable elements include the disagreement between Lee and Longstreet (Berenger) over tactics, and the bravery of Confederate Brig. Gen. Lewis Armistead (Jordan).


It tells the story of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, made up of black soldiers - some Northern freemen, some escaped slaves - and led by a man named Robert Gould Shaw. Although it was widely believed at the time that blacks would not make good soldiers and would not submit to discipline under fire, the 54th figured in one of the bloodiest actions of the war, an uphill attack across muddy terrain against a Confederate fort in Charleston, S.C. The attack was almost suicidal, particularly given the battlefield strategies of the day, which involved disciplining troops to keep on marching into withering fire. The 54th suffered a bloodbath. But its members remained disciplined soldiers to the end, and their performance on that day - July 18, 1863, encouraged the North to recruit other blacks to its ranks, 180,000 in all, and may have been decisive in turning the tide of the war.


This film tells of our 16th president and his success in passing the 13th amendment. (Freedom of slavery) It also sadly tells of the assassination of Abraham it what just that alone did to the U.S.A. In this movie they are on the edge of the Revolutionary War and the 13th amendment has been brought up speaking of equality for all men and women living in our beautiful, majestic country. Of course the idea of colored folks freed put a scare in the democratic's but with Abe and his team behind him our fighting to get each and everyone of their votes things become much easier and freedom is only 12 votes away.


These movies all are about the high and low points of The Revolutionary War. They give you the different perspectives and let you know what was really going on inside and out. They tell of the success of the northern states, and let you know why they won ( General Lee surrenders in the siege of Peters burg ) These films truly help you understand the severity of this particular war.