Term 4 Health - Positive Puberty

Titahi Bay Intermediate School 17th October 2022

Dear Parents/Caregivers

This term as part of the school’s Sexuality Education Programme, Positive Puberty, our classes will be working on this unit. The learning outcomes for this unit will enable the students to work towards the achievement objectives of Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum.

This unit of work will provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to develop positive attitudes towards the changes that they will experience during puberty.

Through the key concepts of this unit, students will learn about:

  • The physical, mental and emotional, and social growth and development that occur and the new needs that arise during puberty;

  • Strategies to manage the changes they will experience;

  • Their own feelings, and personal hygiene.

Lesson topics will include:

  • Guidelines around constructing a safe and encouraging environment for the learning of puberty

  • What does puberty mean?

  • The correct terminology for body parts

  • Physical changes that take place/Strategies to manage these changes

  • Body Hygiene

  • Emotional changes that occur during puberty

  • Strategies to manage identified emotional and social changes

  • Identifying help agencies and how they can assist with puberty issues

Any questions related to sex education will be directed to whānau as the content will be covered in college.

If have any questions about this to make a decision about your child to be withdrawn from class during these lessons, please contact Dairne Kaimoana by principal@bayintermediate.school.nz

Kind regards

Jess Fourie

Emily Farrer

Cherie Walsh

Jared King

Stephanie Gardiner

Allicia Veenhof

Emma O’Reilly