Numeral system

Mayans background

Lived in the Central America, in the tropics which is now Guatemala, between 250 A.D. and 900 A.D. They excelled in agriculture, pottery, hieroglyphics, calendar-making and mathematics.


The Mayans was the first to created the symbol for zero. Their numeral system started to really evolve around 300 A.D. This system was used for hundreds of years till the Mayan people died out in 900 A.D.

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How the Numeral System Work:

-Is a base twenty numeral system.

-Uses symbols; shells, dots and bars

-Dots are one, a bar is five, and the shell like symbol is zero.

-dots are above bars.

-the dots or bars above the other set of symbols are powers of 20.

*one row above is the symbol times 20^1, second row above is symbol times 20^2 and so on.


The number system changes from 20x20 to 18x20 when transferred to calendar.Their calendar is s in the third place value.
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