About Mining and Fracking

types of mining and fracking and their environmental effects

what is mining?

As a general definition, mining is any extraction of natural resources from the earth.

What is fracking?

Fracking is pretty much injecting chemical and sand mixed water into the earth in order to make fractures in shale rocks which release natural gas.This all is done to extract the gasses within.

There are two types of mining:

The First is surface mining, which (as indicated my the name), is mining done on the surface of the earth.

The other type of mining is called sub-surface mining, which simply put, is mining done beneath the surface of the earth.

Surface mining example: Open-pit mining

Open-pit mining is a type of surface mining where rock or minerals are removed using a lower open pit.
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Sub-surface mining example: Solution mining

drilling holes into ore deposits and extracting them from there
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Environmental effects of mining and fracking

Mining and fracking have common effects on the environment such as water source pollution and soil erosion. Also they both have their wastes that damage their surrounding environment. Of course it is necessary to obtain the materials for man, but it comes at an environmental cost.