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The SB Mini. Smaller, Lightweight and Portable

The SB mini is a portable solar generator capable of producing 120 volt and 12v dc power. Rated for 288 watt hours. One piece design offers easy plug in play operation. Mount it or use it as a portable solar generator. Has a wide variety of uses like emergency and backup power, camping, tailgating, by the pool to run your electronics to name a few. Lead crystal batteries are included standard!
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Solar Signage

Finally a solution to light a sign when no line power is available.

Few benefits to running a solar sign.

  • No electrical permit needed
  • No license journeyman needed to install it
  • Fitted to existing or new signage
  • Reduced install costs
  • No trenching or repaving costs
  • Your sign can stand out from the crowd with a solar panel
  • Makes a statement to your customers that your business is renewable energy conscious
  • Unaffected by power outages
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