Artistic change of the Renaissance

By: Lupe S. and Moriah M.

Simone Martini

According to late Renaissance art biographer Giorgio Vasari, Simone was instead a pupil of Giotto di Bondone, with whom he went to Rome to paint at the Old St. Peter's Basilica, Giotto also executing a mosaic there. Martini's brother-in-law was the artist Lippo Memmi. Very little documentation of Simone's life survives, and many attributions are debated by art historians.

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Taddeo Gaddi

A pupil of Giotto and one of his most inventive followers, working alongside the master for many years. The Museum also owns a large altarpiece by him that is approximately contemporary with this panel.
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A foreshortening painting is a reduce or distort parts of a represented object that are not parallel to the picture plane in order to convey the illusion of three-dimensional space as perceived by the human eye, often done according to the rules of perspective.
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Balance and Proportion Paintings

A balance and proportion picture is a drawing that looks realistic as a photograph.
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