I started the zombie apocalypse!

Oh No I started the zombie apocalypse

Chapter 1

Day One: I was in my laboratory making a meat goo experiment when my friend Charlie came in and accidentally ate the meat goo because he was starving.

Chapter 2

Day Two:The next day when I was minding my own business reading a magazine I saw charlie near my garbage bin looking for rotten yucky meat that I through out last weak in my bin. I said charlie what are you doing and he turned to me and his face was green and red and brown and It was sooooooooo freaky. He roared and growled at me and I remembered about the meat goo I was making and I said Uh Oh.I ran to the police as fast as I can and told them what happened but the only thing they said to do was to shoot Charlie and I said you can't do that! Charlie is my friend! I had nothing to do so I ran back to Charlie but he wasn't there and I heard screaming coming from my next door Neighbour so I ran to my neighbours house but I was to late they had began to turn into Zombies.

Chapter 3

Day Three: I have been up all night trying to warn people to be safe but how could I stop this! It's all my fault just because I didn't tell Charlie to eat the meat goo.Finally after 2hours of thinking I ran back to my laboratory and shut the door locked.I started to look through my huge book of Poitions to see if there was a cure for the zombie virus. I had to do this quick before everyone gets infected so I finally found the page that said "Cure For Zombie virus" and I mixed and stirred all the ingredients in and there it was! the poition for the Zombie cure. BUT! There was only one problem.It wasn't enough so I began to mix and stir more and more and THERE! It was done.I poured the mixture in to a little Water gun and fired the poition at the Zombies....And guess WHAT!


Chapter 4

Day four:After two nights without sleep the zombies apocalypse was nearly over.Then! I felt a bit of a tingle in my brain and i just remembered where's CHARLIE? So I ran all around the town,Street and neighbourhood but I could not find Charlie so I went to my house and There Charlie was at my kitchen fridge finding meat. I quickly squirted the Zombie cure on Charlie and it splattered all over Charlie's face and Finally Charlie was normal again and I ran to Charlie and gave him a big friendly hug.I gave Charlie a water gun and I told him what happened and he went crazy all around shooting like he was playing Call of Duty.That day was the day the Zombie apocalypse ended....People were hugging eachother and meeting eachother again and it was amazing to see the families meeting eachother again.

(This isn't a true story but hope you enjoyed)

Written by: Jaymie Nguyen The 9 year old kid

Made in: 2015 1st June

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