"The Earths Layers"

"Crust, Mantle, Outer Core, Inner Core"

The 4 layers

The 4 layers of the Earth are the Crust, The Outer Core, and the Inner Core. The Crust is the layer that we live on. It is 5 - 25 miles deep. it is not solid at all, it is actually made of plates called tectonic plates. The Tectonic Plates are constantly moving around and when they do they cause many different things like earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountains forming. The Mantle is the second layer. It is made of molten magma and it flows like liquid plastic. The Mantle is about 1,800 miles deep. It is 500-900 degrees F. The Mantle is separated into 3 parts. The Upper Mantle, the Middle Mantle, and the Lower Mantle. The Middle Mantle has some currents called convection currents. These currents are what make the magma move around to move the Tectonic Plates. The 3rd layer is the Outer Core and it is made up of molten iron and nickel. It is 1,400 miles thick and 7,280 °F - 10,340 °F (Ouch that hot!). Those 3 layers are what keep the last layers solid and stiff. The last layer is the Inner Core which is a ball with the radius of 760 miles and it is 9,800 °F. It is made up of solid nickel and iron.