AKSUM (East Africa)

By: Artemio C. Yishai B. Aireal B.

Aksum: the most beautiful empire ever!!!

Aksum is located in between The Red Sea and the Erythraean Sea in East Africa. Aksum is the most beautiful place ever because of the amazing landscape that includes green grass, healthy trees, and a variety of sources.

We have an abundant amount of Jobs and cool monuments.

Our main jobs include Farming, Architecture, and Vendors. you can use our great system of currency. We have great land to grow food so farming is fairly popular. Our city is always growing so architects are always needed. We have a lot of valuable items and food that people want so having someone to sell them is useful. Most people recognize us for our marvelous Obelisk. We have other smaller monuments that are also great.

This is what our city looks like


our radical religion

Our monarchy adopted christianity because it has caused the most peace in our empire. Most people in our population enjoy and you probably will too and if you don't then it's okay.

Local animals and food!!

Our food consists of delicious meat and healthy vegetables. All of our meat comes from local animals, and all of our vegetables are locally grown. We have rich soil so do not worry about running out of al the the food.

Our local animals are elephants, Goats, Cows/Bulls, and even Camels!!!

We are the best empire with the best cities in the world, so come NOOOOOW!!!