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January 8, 2016

Happy New Year!

I can't believe the year is half over! I'm hoping second semester doesn't fly by like the first. This is the time of year when we start to think about middle school and really fine tune those skills needed to be successful in middle school (organization, using the planner, turning in your best work, reading more rigorous text, higher expectations for writing, etc.)

In order for students to get used to keeping track of assignments in multiple subjects, I will start giving small tasks from multiple subject areas. I don't necessarily want them to have more homework, I just want them to be able to juggle that type of responsibility.

So if they come home and say, "I have a ton of homework! I have reading, math, spelling, social studies!" Please know that it should only be a small amount, make a few extra minutes, not hours. If this becomes an issue, please let me know. I am not a huge fan of homework. I would much rather they read a book they love, then spend all night doing homework.

With that being said, planners should start coming home on Monday fully filled out. I will do a better job of checking them for you. :) That is one of my many new years resolutions.

Frontier Trail will be coming to talk with our students on Tuesday, January 19th about creating their schedule for next year.

The Start of Mini-Society

We are starting a program called mini-society. The students have named our society-Inspiration Foundation and the motto they came up with is, "Inspiring the generation of the Fontaine Foundation".

Our first step is to employ every student with a job so that they can earn a paycheck. We brainstormed jobs today and students will start applying for them next week.

I thought it would be so much fun if they had to interview for their position, look nice, etc. and experience what it feels like to be interviewed for something they are trying to get.

If anyone is interesting in conducting a few interviews, I WOULD LOVE IT!!! I will come up with the questions. Let me know!

Job Applications will be due on Wednesday and were distributed today.

If anyone is interesting in conducting a few student job interviews, I WOULD LOVE IT!!! I will come up with the questions. Let me know!

Report Cards Are Going Home Today

MAP Testing for Fifth Grade January 11 & 12.

Fifth graders will be taking a new type of online assessment called the MAP on Monday and Tuesday morning of next week. This will provide valuable data for us to use this year, as well as the middle school for next year. More information will come after the results are in.

Important Dates to Remember

MAP Testing -January 11 & 12

Math Wings Regional Competition at Arbor Creek-4:00 January 12

Special Chorus to Frontier Trail-January 13 9:15-11:45

Fun Learning This Week...

Social Studies-Wrapping up our explorer unit. I will being doing an informal assessment in class so no unit test for explorers. Genius Hour on Friday.

Science-Our next unit will be Oceans and Weather.

Writing-We will be focusing on narrowing our focus when we write. We will be doing a narrative art technology project that involves art, writing, fluency, and a new app called Audioboom. They are looking amazing!


Text-Zoos Through the Ages (an informational text) We will touch on several college and career standards such as supporting with evidence, identifying main ideas and details, using context clues, identifying text structure, and utilizing text features.

Spelling-List 14 was sent home today. Test will be on Friday. Practice sheets will also be due on Friday. In addition to our regular spelling list, students will also be responsible for three affixes per week. We will work on these at school as well.

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Stay Warm This Weekend!