Mrs. G's Newsletter

February 10, 2016

Quick Update

Can you believe that it is already February? Wow, time has really flown this year!

Here is what we are learning:


We have been working through subtraction with regrouping with rigor! I cannot lie, it is a challenging unit and I know that we have experienced struggle. These are the perfect moments to teach perseverance and how to laugh at yourself if you are making a silly mistake (especially if you are Mrs. G)! We will begin data analysis this Tuesday. You will notice that students will start surveying you and your family members as part of homework. This is a fun and very practical unit where we learn how to gather, graph, and analyze data.

Social Studies:

This Friday we are wrapping up our unit on economics. As you know we have been talking about goods and services that we can create or provide. I am always so enthralled with all of the creativity in this class! *Our business cards are due tomorrow so we can complete our project* These will be on display as the children have put a lot of time and effort into this!

Our next unit will be on government! We will talk about the three branches of government, the process for making laws, and will study Washington D.C. and the monuments. I am planning to discuss briefly this year's election and how presidency works in the U.S.


We have been getting started with out informational writing piece. So far we have drafted our tables of contents and mapped out our pages. Next, we will "muck" around different books and sources in order to gather more information to inform our writing. This is one of the bigger pieces of writing we will complete this year and I want to make sure that we spend a lot of time thinking through it together.


This week's spelling pattern is a_e. I added 5 challenge words after receiving some feedback from some of you! Please always feel free to let me know how things are working for you! We will focus on some more "within the word" patterns before we moved to endings.


Reading has been a focused time for me as a teacher as I seek to get to know your readers. I have opened up my classroom library officially and have been working with students to choose books for them to be reading. This next week I plan to teach about different types of books.


After we finish our unit on government we will begin our unit of study on animals.

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Go Noodle

This is one of my favorite classroom tools!

Go Noodle is a website that provides engaging and fun brain breaks! Brain breaks are 3-5 minute physical activity that breaks up instruction time. This literally gives our brains a break and allows us to move out our wiggles and laugh out our giggles!

We choose a "champ" or avatar that grows in strength the more we work out as a class! We just leveled up our first champ, Oogle Fitzlemon! We have started with our new champ.

The cool thing about Go Noodle is that kids can sign on at home and watch the same videos at home! Click the button below to travel to! It is totally free to sign up!

That's all Folks!

So there you have it! As always, please feel free to contact me!