CASH Fifth Grade

"Little House on the Playground"

A Compliment

The fifth grade has done an excellent job with Grandparents Day practice. Their good behavior on the bus and at practice is appreciated by me and Dr. Lasater.

Tomorrow's Schedule

For those of you who drop off your student at the portable, please drop your student off at the early morning door. If no one is there to receive your child, please take them to the front door. Please remind them I will meet them in the hallway leading to the cafeteria.

Grandparent's Day Broadcast

We are so excited to be able to broadcast the Grandparent's Day Program to those not able to attend.


1. Go to
2. Type in the complimentary code: ColumbiaAcademyLIVE and click "Redeem"

3. Create a user profile

4. Enjoy!