Bipolar Disorder

learn the symptoms and treatment of The Bipolar Disorder

The Symptoms

The symptoms of bipolar disorder can range from Mania to major depression. Mania being periods of great excitement and lots of happiness. Depression bringing long periods of sadness and may give suicidal thoughts. these emotions can last for a weeks or longer. They might also switch rapidly back and forth (rapid cycling).

The Bipolar Spectrum

The Bipolar Spectrum is a list of different Bipolar types, technically it goes through Bipolar I to Bipolar V (by technically i mean Bipolar 3-5 are not officially called Bipolar 3-5 )Each one more devastating then the other.


There are three main ways of treating Bipolar: mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, and antidepressiants.

treatment usually involves one mood stabilizing drug and therapy