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What News Is Going On Around Lake Windsor??

~ The Fisher family have just move to Lake Windsor.

~ So far, Erik Fisher Paul's older brother is part of the football team in their community.

~ Also, Paul has made a new friend at school, named Joey Costello.

~ At first Paul made the soccer team, but then got cut off the team, just because of his eyesight disability.

~ Then there was some sad news that had happened in Lake Windsor, Mike Costello had passed away.

~ Their will be a little ceremony held for Mike Costello, the next day, family and friends are welcomed to come and give their appreciation to the family of Mike Costello.

~ There was some kind of Earthquake at Paul fisher's school today, there were many students with broken arms, legs, and other body parts.

~ If you were one of those students injured please go GET HELP IMMEDIANTLY!!!

~ All of the 7th and 8th graders will be going to the middle school, for now until we get everything back to normal.

~ At the middle school their are soccer try outs, if your interested.

~ And that concludes so far the news on what has been going on around Lake Windsor!

The Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

The Erik Fisher football Dream, is a title for Erik, that his dad constantly quotes about, that Paul gets really annoyed by. Erik is Paul's older brother, he is one of the greatest kickers ever in the world in football, he gets a lot of publicity. Erik's father makes this quote, because he thinks one day Erik will actually one of the greatest football players in the nation. As you can see Erik's life seems perfect, but then there is Paul's life. Paul has it a little tougher than his brother does. He is always the one not really include in things with his father and Erik. He almost feels like his father favors Erik than him. Paul has to also wear these goggles, to help him with his vision. Even though Paul says he can see fine, his parents continue to ignore him, and say that he is blind. As you can see Paul has a much harder difficult life than Erik.

Tragedy Strikes

Today, Tuesday September 5, it has been pronounced that Mike Costello has passed away, he was killed at practice today. It happened really fast, first Mike was just leaning against this really huge pole, near the end zone on the field. He then had one hand on the goal post, and out of nowhere you heard a "kaboom." There was a crash and a flash in the sky. Then Mike Costello went flying through the air, and landed right on his back. He was right there, splat on the goal line. Many people tried to help, Erik Fisher's dad called 911, but then it was too late, Mike Costello was gone. All the football players were speechless, amazed, sad, and hopeless. Mike Costello had been struck by lightning, and was dead, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

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MOYA Close- Up

A few weeks ago, I had read the MOYA article. One issue was bullying, because in the begging of the story Paul had faced a little bullying and teasing, by his older brother Erik and his friends. The cause of this, was because he had to wear these really weird goggles, and Erik would make up this story about how Paul was looking at the son and got blind, even though it might not be true. The effect of this was, that Paul was kind of getting his feelings hurt, and losing his self-confidence. Another issue is, anxiety Paul dealt with this a lot, on the first day of school, and when he was going to visit the school with his mother. The cause of this was because, he didn't want his mother to tell the principle about his eyesight, when it wasn't true. The effect of this, it makes Paul have anxiety, mad, and kind of embarrassed. I couldn't think of third one, sorry. :(

Soccer Tryouts at the Middle School

When: Friday, September 8

Where: On the soccer field, near the school.

Time: After school

What to wear: Sports t-shirt, sports shorts, cleats, socks and shin guards

What to bring: Water bottle, soccer ball, goalie gloves (only if you want to be goalie), snack, and soccer duffle bag.

Hope we have a great turn out, everyone is welcomed to come and tryout!!!!

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BY: Fatima Garba ( 3rd Academic)