Algal Biofuel

Algal Biofuel

Advantages in Algal Biofuel

- Can produce biodiesel more directly than oily plants, stages would be less complicated
- Algae can be grown in places where other crops cannot be grown
- Algae can use waste water and waste gas as nutrients

Disadvantages of Algal Biofuel

  • The production of algal biofuels is mostly at the experimental stage and it is likely to take 5-10 years to scale up production and lower costs.
  • Algae need warmth and sunlight to photosynthesis and grow.

How it works

  • Algal biofuels are made from harvested algae.
  • Biofuels produced from algae are usually in the form of biodiesel, which can be blended with normal diesel

Intresting Facts

  • Percent of oxygen produced by algae: 30-50
  • Times more productive algae is than traditional crops as a biofuel: 50
  • Number of cells in the most basic algae: 1

Do you think they should move it to production

Yes because they could get the business going and start saving the environment and not use as much gasoline

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