By Patrick Gagliardi


  • Perth was established as the first city in 1829
  • Gold was found in the 1850's leading to a gold rush
  • The country was unified in 1901 leading to the Commonwealth of Australia
  • In 1914 Australia sends hundreds of thousands of troops to World War I on Brittan's side


Australians have a very interesting and unique cuisine some foods they enjoy are

  • Vegemite on toast
  • Crocodile meat
  • Grubs
  • Emu
  • Kangaroo


There are two main groups of people in Australia, the Aborigines, and the European settlers. The Aborigines wear traditional clothes that look very native and tribal, while the settlers wear casual or classy clothes like Americans would wear.


Natural attractions in Australia are easy to come by. The country is full of amazing scenery and fun things to do and see.