Soar to the sky


Locomotion is a great book, I would recommend this book because it's is inspiring to others who family members has past away so you can keep striving to your dream. This book is about a Lonnie who's parents have pasted due to a fire, after there death he would go to school and learn but he doesn't really like school but they would make him write about his life at school.

Lonnie great friend was suffering with sickle cell anemia and Lonnie was scared to loose another friend so he wouldn't speak to anybody, until one day a Interviewer comes to to Lonnie's school and ask him a few question about him. The answers were very shocking to the class but Lonnie was very excited after the interview was over, so he started talking a little more but not much.

Lonnie friend came back to school but really didn't talk much and his friend was acting kind of like he didn't know what was going on, he didn't really know anything and class. There was something strange about him until Lonnie's teacher told the class that his sickle cells aren't quite recovered yet so he will be a little loss for a couple of days. When his friend came back he was alright and Lonnie talked to him for hours and they were friends from there,and that's why this book is inspiring to others.