Media Center Updates

Winter 2015

Academic Integrity

Many of us do research projects with our students throughout the year. Part of any research project is that dreaded works cited. It can be a scary thing, if you're not used to doing them. Fear no more! To help both teachers and students, I have created video tutorials on how to use EasyBib to cite books, encyclopedia articles, and websites. (I always have students copy and paste the citations for database articles directly from the database.) I haven't created a tutorial on citing images yet, but I can do one if requested. I also created a tutorial on how to format a works cited. These are availaible on the Media Center page of Edline. By the end of January I will have taught works cited to most 6th graders and all 7th grade teams. So between those lessons and the videos, all of these students should now be able to complete a works cited for any research project. If you would like me to do some type of review with your students, let me know. I can also, then, help you with grading the works cited.

8 Myths That Undermine Education

I just read this article. (Actually, I think I've read it before.) Several of these ideas have been around for a while. I'm wondering what you think of it.

Reading, Reading, Reading

We are hoping to do another reading challenge this year. We will also be asking for your participation in another reading display this winter. Stay tuned.


Please remember that every teacher has access to Roster Manager on their teacher computer. If you have students that get locked out when trying to sign in, you can unlock them without waiting for them to come to the media center to get help. (It can be quite the wait if we have two classes going on.) Directions for using Roster Manager are on the S Drive--S:\Instructional\Technology Toolbox.

There has been a lot of discussion about new technologies recently. Jessie did a great job, with the help of teachers on all grade levels, sharing some tech tools. We have many people in the building with strengths in many different areas. If there is anything that I can help anyone with, technologically speaking, just ask. If I don't know, I'll find someone that does.


"No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance." -- Professor A.H. Townsend (Often misattributed to Confucious)