The Shang Dynasty

Chinese dynasties

Introduction to the Shang Dynasty

The Shang Dynasty ruled over Ancient China from 1600 BCE to about 1046 BCE. The Shang dynasty is said to be the first official dynasty unlike some confusion about the fictional Xia dynasty that came before them. Regardless, the Shang dynasty developed many important tools and techniques that made their Dynasty a great time of ruling.

Bronze development

Bronze became a very popular source and material in this dynasty that was used to make: tools, ships and weapons and even in some circumstances was worn as armour and protection. Archaeologists have also discovered that many of the Kings tombs contained bronze objects.


The Shang Dynasty is definitely known for it's production of ceramics and glazed pottery which Archaeologists have concluded to be one of the first known to have existed in the world. The Shang also created and developed a style of detailed writing and text which they would commonly carve on pieces of polished bronze. They also developed and determined the knowledge on the amount of days in a single year.
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