Mount Holly Elementary School

One Team, One Dream…November 16-20 Weekly Update

Curriculum Connections

  • For the faculty meeting on Tuesday, classroom teachers be sure to bring the following…

~​Each grade level needs to bring your problematic tasks completely written up on the Write Up Expectation Template

~We will look vertically at the grade level tasks.

  • Special Area Teachers and Instructional Specialist will meet with Mrs. Holle and Mrs. Simpson in the Science Lab.

Think About It...

Aint Got a Pencil

I woke myself up
Because we ain't got an alarm clock
Dug in the dirty clothes basket,
Cause ain't nobody washed my dirty uniform
Brushed my hair and teeth in the dark,
Cause the lights ain't on
Even got my baby sister ready,
Cause my Mama wasn't home.
Got us both to school on time,
To eat us a good breakfast.
Then when I got to class the teacher fussed
Cause I ain't got a pencil.

Joshua T. Dickerson

Monday, November 16

  • 3rd Grade to Camp Cherokee (Adams and Fair)
  • Mrs. Greene's class to field study

Tuesday, November 17

  • Faculty Meeting-2:45 (Classroom Teachers meet in the Media Center) AND (Special Area Teachers and Instructional Specialist will meet in the Science Lab)

Wednesday, November 18

  • Support Staff Day
  • SLO Mid-Term Conferences for 3rd, 5th, and Ham

Thursday, November 19

  • 3rd Grade to Camp Cherokee (Bevilacqua and Veritzan)
  • Thanksgiving Lunch and Learn for K, 2nd, and 4th grades

Friday, November 20

  • Make-up Pictures
  • Thanksgiving Lunch and Learn for 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades
  • Club Friday
  • Mustang Round-Up news due to Dr. Barnes

Upcoming Dates

Monday, November 23
  • Terrific Kids Write-Ups due
  • Limo Ride for Fundraiser (Student names to follow)
~Kindergarten and First Grades-10:30

~Second and Third Grades-11:15

~Fourth and Fifth Grades-12:00
Tuesday, November 24

  • Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program-8:30
  • Staff Tailgating Lunch
Wednesday, November 25-Friday, November 27
  • Thanksgiving Holidays