Jefferson Davis Monument

The Center of the Intersection on Memorial Ave. & Davis Ave.

Artist, Dedication and Description

The Jefferson Davis Monument in Richmond, Va, was built by Edward V. Valentine, and it was dedicated June 3rd, 1907. The Jefferson Davis Monument shows a figure on top of a 67 foot high column. Below this column is a pedestal with which a bronze Jefferson Davis stands on, gesturing out in front of him. Behind him, there are words which say "Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate States of America 1881-1885."


On the Monument, there are 13 columns behind Jefferson Davis. This is representing 11 seceding states and the 2 states who sent representatives to the Confederate Congress. Davis is in the middle on the pedestal, and this is showing his importance. Davis is gesturing out, representing him addressing the people of the US. The figure on top of the 67 foot high column is an angel-like figure of "Vindicatrix", which is the spirit of the South.

What Does this Tell us About History?

The monument tells us how important Jefferson Davis was to the South and the Confederacy, and how looked up to Jefferson Davis was in the South. Davis was given a monument in Richmond because of Richmond being the Confederate capitol, and because of his importance in the history of the South and Civil War. Also, the Vindicatrix on top of the memorial is showing how important the South and it's spirit was to Jefferson Davis.