The Connecticut Colony

By: Loren Landers and Lauren Pennington

Who Founded Your Colony?

Thomas Hooker who was a prominent Puritan minister and John Hayes, a governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony are often considered to be the founders of the Connecticut colony. John Hayes also led approximately 100 people to present Hartford in 1836.

What Region was Your Colony In?

The Connecticut colony was one of the original New England Colonies.

What Year was Your Colony Founded?

The Connecticut colony was founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker and John Hayes.

Why was it Founded?

The Connecticut colony was founded because people wanted certain freedoms like political and religious. So they decided to leave England and come to the colonies.

What Were its Economic Resources?

Farming was difficult for crops like wheat because of the poor planting soil. Although poor soil was a problem, corn, pumpkins, rye, squash and beans were able to be planted and grown.
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What was its Georaphy and Climate?

The climate varied through the year. During the winter is was very cold and during the summer its warm. It was very humid and got approximately 25-30 inches of rainfall on the coast. Most of the New England colonies consisted of mountains lined with trees, rivers, and poor rocky soil that wasn't very good for farming.