Overview of Student Resources

Google Docs and Gaggle

Google Docs

Students may share a paper or project with you using Google Docs. It is very important for you to make sure you students are logging in with the Google Docs icon on the SISD homepage. They will use their username and their new password.

To share with a teacher or another student

The share button is in the upper right hand corner of all Google Docs. You will click on the share button and type in the email of the user you wish to share with. We are all in the Seminole ISD domain, so we will all use username@seminole.k12.tx.us
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We have our own domain in Gaggle as well. Students should log in to their Gaggle account by going to the icon on the SISD homepage. If they have never used their Gaggle account, it is their username@seminoleisd.gaggle.net and their school password.
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Inbox, Assignments, and Digital Locker

Students will access their email from the inbox. Some students get confused when they cannot find their assignments. They must be on the home tab to get their assignment drop boxes, or click on the Assignment Drop Box icon on the left. Click on the Digital Locker icon to access the digital locker. They may upload files to the Digital Locker.
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To add a file to the Digital Locker

The Digital Locker is an online file storage system for each user. Users can store files on the Gaggle servers as well as pictures and video. Click on the Add File button to bring up a window for locating the desired file. Double click on the desired file to upload the file into the Digital Locker.
To download a file, double click on the file in the Digital Locker and it will download to the computer.
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Creating a Document in Gaggle

To create a document in Gaggle, click on New File. Select the type of document you need to create. You may also create a folder to organize your files in your Digital Locker.
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To Share a Document

Students may share a document with their teacher or another student. Click on the Not Shared link. It will bring up the sharing window. Type in the name of the person you wish to share the document with. When you click on the To box, it will start to auto populate. Send a message with the document by adding text in the message box. Invite and Send.

Gaggle Issues

If you or one of your students are having issues with Gaggle, the best way to handle it is to go to the Live Chat Support. They are really good, and can usually handle your question right away.

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Text a picture from your phone to your Digital locker

If you want to text a picture from your phone to your Digital Locker, you need to make sure your phone is registered with Gaggle. You can access this by clicking on My Account and Adding a Mobile Device under the Basic Tab.
Text the word Locker followed by the desired image file to the 424453. The image will be uploaded as a new file in your Digital Locker.