Water power

What is a renewable resources?

Renewable resources are a natural resource. They are replaced easy and are not made by man kind.Water,wind and solar power make eleticety. Renewable reources are envionmentaly friendly. Wind,water and solar power are not new energy sources.

What is water power.?

Hydroelectricy is the largest source in Canada and cost nothing. Waterpower is produced from flowing water. Quebec,B.C and Ontario are major water power dams in Canada.In 2004 Quebec generated 50 percent of Canadas water power,B.C generated 16 percent,Ontario generated 12 percent and manitoba generrated eight percent.The rest of the provices and territories all generated less than one percent.

What are the advantages of water power?

The advantages of water power are there is no pollution and it's a clean source of energy. Water power dose not waste water and dose not need fuel. Huge water dams can run for more than 50-100 years and dose not cost that much. Finaly once built works right away.

What are the disadvantages of water power.

The disadvantages of hydro power are its very expensive to build and takes a long time to build. Natural and non natural habitats could be destroyed by floods. And it has to be located on a mountain. there is pollution when building and has too be generated only with heavy rain fall.