Gooding Community Newsletter

March 2019, #13

New Officer, Job Opening, and a Spring Cleaning Note from the Gooding City Police

The police department would like to welcome its newest Police Officer. Tyler Magnelli is a local resident and has been a Detention Officer for the Gooding Sheriff’s Office for about 2 years. He looks forward to the opportunity to serve his community in this new endeavor. (See the picture of him getting sworn in at the last city council meeting below)

While starting a new officer, we also must wish Corporal Newland the best as he moves to new opportunities with the Gooding Sheriffs’ Office as a patrol Deputy. Corporal Newland has been with the Police Department just over five years and is the departments K-9 handler with K-9 Jerry. At this time, our intent is to allow “Jerry” to move with Deputy Newland as we continue to foster a good working relationship between our departments for the betterment of our community.

With this departure, the Police Department is again accepting applications for a police officer candidate. Starting wage is $17.00 - $19.00 DOE. If you or someone you know has an interest in becoming a police officer, please visit the city website for further information. Applications close March 15th.

March is upon us and spring will be here before we know it. We would like to ask the residents review their properties for a few things as part of spring cleaning. Junk vehicles may be removed at the request of the owner by contacting auto wrecking yards who may remove them for free in exchange for use of their parts. This would also alleviate law enforcement involvement in the removal of junk or abandoned vehicles.

A second issue to address is excessive vegetation. City Code 9-7-7 addresses trees and shrubs by requiring that branches that overhang sidewalks or streets shall be pruned to provide sufficient vertical clearance of seven feet (7') above sidewalks and twelve feet (12') above streets so as not to interfere with public travel. On designated truck routes the vertical clearance shall be 14.5 feet above streets. Trees and other landscaping shall be maintained to assure unobstructed corner visibility. It shall be the responsibility of the owner of a tree determined to be a public nuisance to abate the nuisance by removal, pruning, or spraying as determined by the city or a certified arborist. Before trimming or removing a tree that one may believe is a City or Public tree, please contact City Hall for guidance. The tree yard is scheduled to open in early April to dispose of tree and brush trimmings, dependent upon weather.

Dave C. Fisher, Chief of Police

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Cruisin' for Caden Raises $786 for Local Family

On January 7th, 9-year-old Alex Flores was tragically hit by a semi-truck while crossing the street in his home town of Wendell. He has now had to have multiple life-flights and major surgeries, including the amputation of his left arm.

Unfortunately, he's got many more trials to go through on his long road to recovery. The family will have many expenses that won't be covered, and could really use some financial help.

Multiple fundraisers have been held already, including one by local organization Cruisin for Caden. Below is a photo of the family being presented a check form this fundraiser.

If you would like to help, you can still purchase a long sleeve t-shirt for $10 (15 size 2XL is all that are left). Of course, any donation will be accepted.

For more information, please contact Clint Tremelling at 208-397-8259.

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Gooding Music Program Fundraisers Upcoming

This year the Gooding Music Program is aspiring to take part in a "Music in the Parks" activity that would allow all band and choir members from GMS and GHS (7th grade and up) to perform in Farmington, Utah and then spend a fun day at Lagoon!

To help our kids take advantage of this amazing opportunity, the music program will be hosting a tri-tip dinner event with live music on April 27th, and a Super Hero and Princess Party for the kids on April 26th. Check out the info on the flyers below. For tickets or more information, email

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Gooding "Battle of the Books" Teams to Compete in Boise

Some of our middle school students have been competing in the Idaho Battle of the Books. This is a statewide reading motivation and comprehension program open to all students. Their goals are “to expose students to quality literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints. The mission of the program is to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading, share the love of reading with students who have not yet discovered that for themselves, broaden reading interests, increase reading comprehension, promote academic excellence, and promote cooperative learning and teamwork among students.” The sixteen books include titles from several different genres and a non-fiction title.

After students chose their teams, they read and studied the books. Competition during lunch hours, started in January. Teams earned points for each battle. The team earning the most points was the “Library Lords,” Analee Dean, Luke McLaughlin, Livvy Scoffield, Paxton Smith, and alternate Addiana Leguineche. They were awarded medals. The second place team was the “Radio-Active Book Worms," Cierra Barnett, Lilly Bentzinger, Chloe Galloway, Trista McClain, and alternate Lucas Williams. Both teams will travel to Boise on Saturday, March 9 to compete in the Regional Competition at North Junior High School.

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ROFESSIONAL PAINTERS WANTED! GREAT, Inc. Is now taking bids to strip, clean, prepare, paint and seal the cornice above the windows and marquee at the entrance to the Historic Schubert Theatre at 402 Main Street, Gooding, ID. Send bids to GREAT, Inc. P.O. Box 433, Gooding, ID 83330. It is our preference to support our local professionals as much as possible. Local bids will be taken until April 1st and then they will be let out to the Magic Valley Area. If you want this opportunity, send us your bids now.

GREAT, Inc. invites you to participate in planning our 100 year celebration in 2020 and wants your help in making this a community success. Great plans are being made to involve the whole community of Gooding. WE WANT YOUR IDEAS AND NEED YOUR HELP! Let’s make this an event to be remembered! Contact Charmy at (208) 539-0202

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Snow removal/ shoveling tips

Since winter has finally arrived here in Gooding, we wanted to share some information to make all of our lives a little less stressful. Our crews work very hard and often long hours to make sure the roads are safe for travel and that we are as efficient with our resources as we can be. Below are how decisions are made as to when the City begins snow removal maintenance operations.


Snow amount 0”-2”: No plowing will occur. - The snow plows have what is known as a “shoe,” a steel stop that keeps the blade about 1” above the road surface to prevent damage to already broken up areas of asphalt, water valve boxes, manholes or other infrastructure installed in the roadways.

Snow amount 2”-3”: When amounts reach these levels decisions to plow or not to plow will be made depending on factors such as temperature (rising or falling) the amount of snow in the forecast, or if it is expected to stop snowing or start raining. Crews will not be expected to plow unless the continued snowfall is 1” or more.


During the school year crews maintain the sidewalk along 7th Ave. East for children walking to and from school when snow amounts are above 2-3.”


Crews will sand intersections as needed starting with high traffic/ priority intersections and facilities, schools, hospital, fire station, EMS etc. Sanding is not effective if it is snowing. Crews determine when it is most effective to sand, and in addition the sand has to be picked back up at the end of the season before it is carried into the storm drains where it causes plugging or sediment is carried back to the river. The city has a number of injection wells that can easily become plugged with sand creating a problem when the snow melts and has nowhere to go.

Your property

We understand how frustrating it can be when you shovel your driveway/sidewalk and the plows come by and plow it back in… most of this has to do with timing of the storm and when crews start plowing. The best solution, if your schedule allows, is to wait until the plow truck comes through your neighborhood and then shovel your driveway/sidewalk. Residential areas are plowed after the high traffic, health and safety facilities, and the business district areas.

The best place to shovel the snow is into your yard so that the snow can melt and soak into the ground, or around a tree well so that when melting begins it waters the tree.

Business district

City code prohibits placing snow from private property into the street. The exception is in the business district which permits removing snow from parking areas, and if there is no other area on the property to stockpile the snow, it may be placed in the street contiguous to the sidewalk. Snow must remain in front of your business, not your neighbor’s.

Below is City Code pertaining to snow removal:


A. No person shall plow, push, throw, or otherwise remove snow from private property and/or public rights of way, and accumulate it or otherwise place it on a public street, alley, or thoroughfare in the city of Gooding.

B. Snow accumulations on public sidewalks and parking areas in the business district may be moved or shoveled directly into the gutters contiguous to the sidewalk.

C. Any person violating any term or provision of this section shall be guilty of an infraction punishable by a fine of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00), including court costs and fees. (Ord. 673, 2-7-2011)

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Gooding Public Library March Calendar of Events

GPL continues to offer a variety of excellent activities. If you haven't yet checked out "Tinker Tuesdays," "STEM for Kids" on Wednesdays, or the adult book club at the end of each month (this month's book is Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, go to the Library today to check out a copy and join in the fun conversation on March 28th!!), now is a great time to visit your library and take advantage of all they offer our community.

View the calendar here:

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This is a Publication of the City of Gooding

The Gooding Community Newsletter is a publication designed to share the positive happenings in our community. If you have an event or news item you would like to share, please send along your information to the email address listed below. Should you have an idea you think could improve our community, we encourage you to bring those ideas to the city council with plans on how we can work together to make our city even better. Thanks for listening and sharing!