By: Reilly K.

How we Dream

There are many steps to us following asleep, which there are about five. These five steps are kind of like getting more and more tired over a period of time. When we finally start to fall asleep at step four, we start getting alpha waves, beta, theta, and then delta waves. Then after all four steps are done, we enter REM, the fifth step. Rem is an acronym for "rapid eye movement", and are brain is emitting waves as if we are awake, but your whole body is paralyzed during this. That is why if you wake up in the middle of the night and you can't move, that means you were just in REM.

Why We Dream

Most people think dreaming is useless, but it isn't. Scientists did an experiment where they had two groups. One group they had them get lots of sleep, and let them, go into REM. The other group they didn't let go into REM. They still let them sleep, but every time they went into it, the scientists woke them up. The people who did go into REM, were healthy and did well in life. The other group were tired, gained weight, and had health problems. Is dreaming useless now?

Recurring Dreams

A recurring dream is a type of dream. These dreams happen over and over again, over a certain period of time. These dreams are not everynight, they just keep on happening every so days, maybe every year. Females are most common to get these dreams, whilst males can get them less. Most likely you have already had one of these dreams.