Data Digs

1st 6 Weeks Common Interim Assessment 2015-2016


We will use the Results Meeting Protocol on Driven by Data by Paul Bambrick Santoyo:

  1. 2 minutes: Identify objective to focus on
  2. 5 minutes: What worked so far? (what teaching strategies did you try so far?)
  3. 5 minutes: Chief Challenges
  4. 10 minutes: Brainstorm proposed solutions
  • Go in order around the circle.
  • Each person has 30 seconds to share a proposal.
  • If you don't have an idea, say "Pass."
  • No judgements should be made; if you like the idea, when it's your turn simply say, "I
  • would like to add to that idea by..."

5. 5 minutes: Reflection (feasibility of each idea)

  • 1 minute - silent personal/individual reflection on the list: What is doable and what
  • isn't for each person?
  • Go in order around the circle once: Depending on size of group each person has 30-
  • 60 seconds to share their reflections.

6. 15 minutes: Consensus around best actions

7. 10 minutes: Put in calendar

  • When will the tasks happen?
  • When will the teaching happen?

Consensus and Calendar Guidelines

1. Identify key actions from brainstorming that everyone will agree to implement:

  • Make actions as specific as possible within the limited time.

2. Identify key student-teacher guides or tasks needed to be done to be ready to teach:
  • Identify who will do each task
  • Identify when each task will be done

3. Put date for re-teaching on instructional calendar that was put together on Extended Planning Period.

*Upload to OneDrive or Google Drive, and share with team so everyone has access to it when we decide on dates

4. Spend remaining time developing concrete elements of lesson plan:

  • Do Nows or Morning Work
  • Teacher guiding questions or how to structure the activity
  • Student guides, homework, and so on


Take time to analyze your data. Think about the questions:

  • What's the data telling you?
  • What standards warrant more time for whole-class instruction, re-teaching and review? How long will each take?
  • What standards warrant more time for small-group instruction and review?
  • What TEKS will you spiral in homework? Do Now / Morning Work? Quick Checks? Mini-Lessons? Routines?

Dive in "bombed" questions.

  • Why did the students get it wrong? (Look at solution manual, 3-5 grades)
  • What did the students need to be able to do to get that question right?
  • How was this more than what they are able to do with you in class?

Analyze at questions that are the same TEKS, but the performance mastery is so different. Investigate the students work:

  • Why did the students did really well on question #______ but struggled on question #_____?
  • How are questions similar? How are they different?
  • How does the skill of one suppor the other?

Analyze the performance from orange & red labeled students.

  • What interventions will be more beneficial for these students?
  • What do they need most help with?
  • What actions steps will you take to accelerate their growth?
  • When, and how will they get tutored, supported?

What to bring?

  • All in Learning reports
  • Laptop
  • Reflections/ Ideas based on the questions above
  • Student Assessments