Mrs.fords class assignment (adam ray)

breif history of prometheus

  • Prometheus the titan god of forethought and crafty counsel
  • He was entrusted with molding man out of clay
  • He wanted to better the lives of his creations
  • stole fire from Zeus to give to man.

the summary of nature and nurture debate;frankenstein

The nature vs nurture debate attempts to determine that the traits that we are influenced are by the reactions and the environment. The debate states the relative importance of the humans innate qualities verses the persons personal experiences. The phrase nature versus nurture was coined by the English Victorian polymath Francis Galtonus. We as humans are not taught to do evil but are yet influenced to do such that is in front or our eyes at a young age. We learn this ability by no only watching it but experiencing it throughout the course of events in our child hood to our early years of adult hood. Frankenstein is supported or challenged in the concepts by the fact that. In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein the conflict is perfectly encapsulated in the character of the monster. He is inherently evil and bloodthirsty. through her writing and characterization it is clear that the monster began life as fresh and innocent as a regular newborn baby. He became a true "monster" in the sense after enduring hatred and isolation at the hands of the humans he so longed to be. He is nurtured into being the murderer that he becomes.