MCCC Newsletter

Issue 2, 2016

A Note from Rukmini - Centre Director

Dear Families, welcome to the second newsletter for 2016! This newsletter "note" from myself is a special SHOUT OUT to all our new families in 2016!

Please respond to recent surveys and come and see us! We want your feedback and would like to modify/ alter any existing practices based on your reflections with us!

Recently, Joshua's mum in Binbeal room gave us some valuable feedback. As a result, we have introduced an addition to our "All about me survey", as well as introduced an Orientation Plan with more structure and guidance; thank you, Aliesha!

The Working Bee is an occasion on which we share with families, our ownership over the Centre and enjoy working alongside you, to enhance the Centre's physical spaces! This year, we were amazed how much we could achieve with just 7 staff and 7 parents! We also had a big sister, who was very helpful! Please take a few moments to complete the short survey via the link below.

We have also had a successful School Readiness presentation and will soon be having a Kinder Information evening for families of three and four year old's; if you are curious about the pros and cons of long daycare and kindergarten, play based learning or school preparation, you must attend this session!

We are looking forward to some exciting upgrades and renovations later this year. The renovations have been planned with careful consultation between, Monash Uni, the parent Committee and Management. The major benefit will be an increase in the size of the current kitchen, and we all agree that this is long overdue! I will be working alongside the project team to ensure minimal disruption and have stringent risk minimisation plans in place. We are also looking forward to an increase in staff admin spaces and a second bathroom More details below.

Until next time;


Please click on the link below to answer a short Working Bee Questionnaire, Thankyou

Professional Wages Campaign

In 1969 a brave woman called Zelda D’Aprano shocked the nation by chaining herself to Melbourne’s Commonwealth Building to protest at women being paid substantially less than men. Her courage helped pave the way for the first ever equal pay laws in Australia.

This year on International Women’s Day (8 March) a group of brave educators (including Rukmini, Wadia and Tara) chained themselves to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Melbourne office to protest that we are still waiting for equal pay.

“I was born in 1968, a year before Zelda chained herself up. That was nearly 50 years ago, but we’re still paid a third less than those educating children just a few years older – for one reason: 94 per cent of us are female,” said Sam Leaver, a proud union member.

“I’ve waited my whole life to have my work valued the same as a man. Educators are fed up. We won’t die waiting for equal pay. We want Mr Turnbull to fix this. Now.”

Already, over 13,000 educators and supporters across Australia have signed Sam’s petition to Mr Turnbull, calling to fund equal pay for early childhood educators.

Click on the link below to show your support.

Rukmini, Tara and Wadia attended Victoria Trade's Hall Dinner Dance last Friday night and were presented with the Zelda D’Aprano Award for their courageous activism stunt.

Zelda D'Aprano was there on the night and Rukmini, Tara and Wadia were lucky enough to meet and talk with her.

Congratulations Rukmini, Tara and Wadia

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Quality Working Group; who are we?

Your QWG has been working away in the background to support the Centre to work on continuous improvement! The sub-committee meets regularly to review our Centre policies, as well as reflect on the Quality Improvement Plan.

Further to this newsletter, please look out for a QWG/ Policy Updates Newsletter to be published in June.

Meet the QWG below!

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A Note from Claire - Administration

Government Child Care Fee Assistance

If you have recently started child care, don't forget that Monash Caulfield Child Care Centre is a registered child care service and eligible families can apply to receive Federal Government child care fee assistance.

There are 2 types of child care fee assistance payments available to eligible families - Child Care Benefit (income tested) and Child Care Rebate (not income tested). For further information, please visit

You can apply for fee assistance online or in person at a Centrelink office. To apply online visit the Department of Human Services website. Don't forget that you need to complete the application process for each child you have in child care.

If you have any questions, please drop by the office and see me!

Child Care Rebate (CCR) Yearly Threshold

If you receive government child care fee assistance, you may be aware that the CCR payment covers 50% of your out of pocket child care fees, up to $7,500 per child, per financial year.

As we get closer to the end of the 2015/2016 financial year, you may notice that you have reached the $7,500 threshold and you are no longer receiving CCR payments.

The count starts again on 1st July, so check your fortnightly fees statements (if CCR is paid to the child care centre) or your bank account (if CCR is paid directly to you) to make sure your CCR payments start again at the beginning of the financial year.

Did You Know?

If you receive both CCB and CCR, Centrelink withholds 15% of your CCR payments throughout the year. When you submit your tax return at the end of each financial year, your CCB, CCR and any other family assistance payments are balanced against the income you earned during the financial year and any remaining entitlements paid to you.

Please click here for further information or ask me if you have any questions.