Southern Africa

By: Elijah Boyd

Countries and Cities

Botswana,Lesotho,Mozambique,Namibia,South Africa

Cape Town

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This place has gold,iron,cobalt,uranium

This cities climate is much of cape town is summer which last from mid October to mid February it is has hot, sunny weather afternoons are thunderstorms but clear up fast.leaving a warm smell in the air.


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Botswanna is semi-arid.It is most hot and dry for much of the year.There is a rainy season,which runs through most of the summer months.Rainfall tends to be erratic unpredictable and highly regional

the place has copper, nickel,coal,


This place has the moist, hot climate typical of tropical regions.The hottest month is January with an average low of 23 c.
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THis region has natural gas, petroleum, diamonds,


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Harare has a humid subtropical mild summer that is mild with dry winters,mild rainy summers and moderate seasonality.


The climate in Maseru is mostly cold in the summers,wet in the springs,warm in the summers
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